Thursday, December 30, 2010


A lot of pregnant women with diabetes discover lots low blood sugars in the first trimester.  Then the numbers start to rise until their insulin demands skyrocket later on.  It's a common pattern.

So far?  My body's like, "screw common patterns!"

Like last night, I was craving seafood fried rice something awful.  I often make my own brown fried rice with fresh veggies, and a very small amount of oil at home...  But that's so not what I was craving!  I wanted oily, over-seasoned, totally unhealthy fried rice with a mix of oily seafood including unidentifiable bits that are probably squid or octopus, but maybe not.  You know the stuff, if you've done a lot of oriental food joints!  So we slipped down the road to Thai House and I ordered up that giant plate of Seafood Fried Rice.

But that's a lot of carbs and fat, so I was very deliberate about this.  I looked up the average carbs for shrimp fried rice before it arrived, evaluated the food when it got there and determined it probably didn't have as much seafood in it as the average shrimp fried rice and bumped the carbs almost all the way up to what a cup of what nothing but rice would be, delivered an 85/15 combo bolus (going closer to the 50/50 I was taught usually makes me go high), carefully spooned a two-cup portion onto my plate (in two piles, until each looked like the size and shape of my over-turned 1 cup measure), and dug in.

I suspected, if anything, that I'd go low.  I'd definitely erred on the high side of the carb count because I did not want to go high.  I feel, right now, that having to drink a box of juice to head off a low is worth avoiding highs.

But by the time we got home, probably only an hour later, I'd spiked to over 200 and dexcom was showing me a straight upward pointing arrow!

I had a lot of insulin in my system and had only eaten a short time before, but I just couldn't stare at that and do nothing!  I took another very small bolus and didn't allow myself to slug out on the couch.  I didn't feel I could exercise (I felt pretty crumby), but I tried to keep moving around and working on this little gift project for some friends.

And within like another hour, my blood sugar was perfect.


Yeah.  This one may have been extreme, but these spikes and drops are my common pattern right now, and they are killing me.  It tends to happen even when I do everything right by choosing foods that have a good balance of healthy carbs, protein, and healthy fat (unlike the seafood fried rice!) and waiting 20 minutes between bolusing and eating.


It seems like I'm slowly eliminating foods that are mysteriously worse than others (goodbye fried rice), and relying a lot on foods that have the least spike (hello salad with protein and fat, but no cheese, because for some reason shredded cheese is totally gross to me right now).  I'll get this figured out... and then it'll probably all change!


  1. I've had to do the same thing. Bland, non-fried, wholesome foods are my friends right now. I crave milk, cheese, and fruits. Most of my desire for meat is gone, so I have to fill-in with other things. And, suprisingly enough, the milk and cheese do not spike me like they did before pregnancy! How weird?! YDMV is true for everyone, and even yourself when pregnancy gets thrown into the mix, I'm learning. Just hang in there. ;-)

  2. I do seem OK with milk, as long as I wait a few minutes between bolusing and eating. Cheese has never been a problem at all, though. It's my go-to snack when I don't want to screw with my blood sugar.

    I'm also discovering apples are OK, which is good because I've been craving them like crazy! They'd normally make my BG go up more than I like, but I just weigh the slices and time the insulin as well as I can. No problems! Yay!