Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry... Merriness! (And not so merry highs.)

Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate!

Our Christmas day has been quiet and lazy.  We spent Thursday night with Chad's family, and last night with my parents.  The baby received it's first gifts from Chad's mother (diapers, wet wipes, and a box of gender-neutral linens).  The two big gifts Chad and I received were Rock Band (from my parents), and vent-free gas logs for our fireplace (from Chad's parents).  Two awesome practical gifts I received were a Waterpik from Chad (because even my dental hygienist said it's tough to floss my teeth!) and a food scale from Mom.  There've been many times where I had to do some tricky stuff to figure up serving sizes while counting carbs, and this will really help me measure the stuff that's listed in grams.

I also had a Christmas Eve gift I did not want: A bad infusion site and a blood sugar of over 280.

do not want
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Normally, something like that frustrates me.  While pregnant, it makes me question every single little action I've taken all day, blaming myself for the high blood sugar that could do harm to the baby.  Even though I logically know that no pregnant woman with T1 diabetes is safe from mistakes or accidents, it sure makes me feel like a failure.  And though I've read that an occasional, brief high blood sugar won't hurt the baby, I can't help but feel that it's really horrible at such an early stage.  After all, women with diabetes have an increased risk of miscarriage.  Even though she'll probably be understanding and simply talk to me about future prevention, I'm embarrassed for my endocrinologist to see that BG number on Monday.

But on the flip side, my numbers are normally fabulous and I've done a good job of avoiding the things that really give me trouble.  On the whole I'm doing a great job, but a high like that makes me wonder when I qualify as not doing a great job.  One high?  Two? Ten? Once a month, once a week, once a day?  I know there's no set answer, but I fear crossing this imaginary "line."

So far, no crazy symptoms, diabetes related or not.  My blood sugar hasn't started going low like it apparently does for most, and I haven't started having the typical morning sickness.  My mom told me last night that she never had much morning sickness, so I'm hoping I take after her in that respect!

No mystery food cravings or aversions, though I'm definitely more hungry than usual.  I'm trying to avoid the whole "eating for two" thing while still letting myself have a little bit extra.  Everyone has to gain weight while pregnant, but the fact is that I'm already overweight and need to keep my weight gain to whatever range my OB will recommend.

I do know that I need to start getting more active again, too.  My walks have become less frequent as the days have gotten colder, so maybe it's time to keep sneakers at the office and go walk the treadmill during lunch.

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