Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back on Track

It feels good to be back on track.
 And that highest peak wasn't actually as high as it looks, according to Ping.

My weekly average, according to Ping, is also back to 125 (it was creeping up into the 130s, which isn't so bad except that I'm trying reallllly heard to keep things closer to 120 while trying to conceive).

But I'm not going to get cocky about it.  Things are good, but they'll only stay that way if I keep a close eye on my BGs, count the carbs in those game night snacks, and watch for troublesome foods and habits.

Oh yeah, and watch the pizza.  Two plus slices of delivery pizza, with the crust dipped in garlic butter, is not beneficial to my BG numbers no matter what combination bolus I've tried!  But half an Amy's pizza, without additional fat like garlic butter, seems to be an acceptable indulgence.  (One slice of delivery pizza, with no garlic butter, also seems to be reasonably acceptable with a combo bolus... but it's sooooo hard to stick to one slice!!!)


  1. Nice work! Looks like the diabetes stars are aligning for you. :)

  2. This week is sooooo much better than last week. Maybe last week came along just so I could appreciate how good I'd have it THIS week! :p