Monday, December 27, 2010

Endo Appointment Number One, Down

I met with my endo and thought it was fairly productive.  I just hope this whole every-two-weeks schedule continues to be useful through the pregnancy!

The main issue was a few unexpected highs I've had, for which she also did not see a pattern.  One was an infusion set preblem, the others were all after foods with carbs I thought I knew.  I'll be keeping a food journal and testing some of my basal rates.  In the meantime, she's having me adjust my nighttime basal rates to nudge my fasting blood glucose under 100.

I'll be counting every carb and watching my numbers like a hawk.  I'm hoping things are going to get better on their own, because I've actually had weird weeks before where my glucose just makes absolutely no sense and then goes back to normal.  I guess being pregnant doesn't exclude me from the "WTF?" qualities of this disease.


  1. We seem to be complete opposites with our pregnancies so far. You can't get your fasting below 100, and I can't get it above 60!

  2. I know, I'm always hearing about those TERRIBLE early pregnancy lows! Not here. Today was the first unexplained low I've experienced in ages, and it only got down to 64.

    It also happened to be at the OB's office, as the nurse was taking my "OB health history." It was kinda fun, because she had never seen a CGM before, and was like, "Wait, WAHT told you you're going low? You mean you FEEL it, right?" So I got to show her Dex. Then she commented, "You poke you're finger like it's nothing! I'd probably be shaking!" Really? A nurse that scared of a lancet? Weirrrd.