Friday, June 18, 2010

Party Pooper

I have to admit that this learning phase is starting to bug me.

First of all, I'm a little impatient, and a lot independent, so I want to be in control of managing my own diabetes now.

Second, I'm sick of my records dictating some if my actions. I could eat that giant cookie (and take insulin with it) at 4 in the afternoon, but then my before-dinner numbers would be useless to my diabetes educators when they review my records to decide on any changes to my insulin treatment. I could drink at a friend's birthday club-hop tonight, but that'll throw my numbers out of wack for at least a day and, again, make them useless to my educators.

I'm not a drunk and I don't "need to drink to have a good time," and other such cliches... But I do drink, and it is a part of my social life.  I've only briefly mentioned my social anxiety, but it's affects my life a great deal.  I'm no recluse and I don't start hyperventilating the second someone talks to me, but socialization (except with certain people I'm very comfortable with) often brings about more stress than enjoyment for me.  So when I'm in any sort of "party" environment, the relaxation and uninhibition (is that a word!?) that comes along with a couple drinks helps a lot.

Plus... it's fun.

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