Monday, June 7, 2010

Because I'll Never Completely Abandon My Vices...

Had my first alcohol since diagnosis, tonight: One decent-sized glass of Pinot noir.  I'm keeping a very close eye on my blood sugars with my sexy little red (cheap cheap CHEAP) back-up meter.  So far, a consistent drop that seems a little faster than I'd otherwise expect.  But since I started with a slightly high number, it's in more-than-safe levels.  I'll test again for my bedtime snack/shot... then once more before sleep, just to be safe.  I just hope that one glass doesn't make things plummet overnight!

Most alcohol causes blood sugar to drop (though it might cause an initial spike), despite the sugars in it.  My initial reaction to reading this was that, hmmmm, Intensive Alcohol Management might be slightly more fun than Intensive Insulin Management.  But... I don't think I'll be bringing that up to my diabetes educator anytime soon!

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