Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Numbers and a trip to the endocrinologist

My blood sugar numbers have gotten pretty good, and I really hope my Diabetes Educator lowers my target numbers.  They're currently 130 (before meal) and 180 (after meal), but the general range I'll be shooting for eventually will be between 70 and 140... or 70 and 120 when I get pregnant.  Most of my numbers are generally between 100 and 150 right now, which isn't too far off from that long-term goal range!

I went to the endocrinologist yesterday, which I'll talk more about later.  But she told me three things that make me very happy:

  1. I should go ahead and start the paperwork necessary to get an insulin pump.  I may not be able to get it until I've met some time requirements set by my insurance (6 months), but starting now means less waiting when I get to that point.
  2. She doesn't see any reason why I shouldn't be healthy enough to start trying to get pregnancy again by the end of the year, maybe even by fall.  (Also, planning a pregnancy makes getting a pump approved much more likely!)
  3. She thinks we should see how much my improving blood sugar lowers my cholesterol before starting cholesterol medication.  She seems to think there's a chance I won't have to take any at all until I'm older.  *This is quite different from my GP's statement that she's never even known a diabetic who had their cholesterol sufficiently under control without medication.  If my cholesterol improves enough that my endo doesn't think I need meds, I may take the middle road:  Wait until I'm done having babies, then take the meds if my GP still thinks it's warranted.)
So far, I'm leaning toward an Animas Ping insulin pump.  (Medtronic's Paradigm is a close 2nd choice.)  I'm already looking forward to the greater precision of a pump!

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