Friday, June 4, 2010

Better Pace than Expected

While talking to my diabetes educator on the phone yesterday, she said she felt my insulin ratios and doses don't need any changes yet.  I was disappointed, and told her I was eager to really get things down... and she pointed out that the last couple of days had been great.  And it's true.  And after thinking about it for a while, I realized a few things:

  1. My recent numbers aren't that far from what she said will be my eventual goal range.  I occasionally rise above it, but not by that much.
  2. I'll learn to adjust my own ratios and doses for specific situations.
  3. I want "normal blood sugar," but I don't have a normal body.  I don't have a working pancreas, which would normally create both insulin when my blood sugar starts to rise, and glucagon when my blood sugar gets too low.  Until things are a little more predictable and I've recognized a few more lows, staying on the higher side of normal is probably safest.
  4. I hadn't been exercising, and exercise tends to lower blood sugar!
So I went for a brisk, 20 minute walk yesterday evening.  Afterward, my blood sugar read as about 25 points lower than I started... and this morning, my fasting (morning) blood sugar was 20 or 30 points lower than it normally is.  If I have the same results for another day or two, I'll check with my educator to make sure the new trend is safe.  (One of my my fears is having a low blood sugar in the middle of the night!)

In other news:

I'm meeting with an Animas pump rep tomorrow morning.  At Panera bread... I'd better check their nutritional info!

My left arm is randomly sore, like I strained or twisted it.  I know I tend to try and carry too much with that arm, in order to free my right hand for things like unlocking the door, but everything seems like a symptom of doom and gloom diseases these days!

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