Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When I don't have all the facts, I tend to worry, anticipate the worst, and fill in gaps with educated guesses that lean toward the pessimistic.  So when I finally face reality, 9 times of 10 I'm going to be relieved.

I should have kept that in mind as I went to my first prenatal appointment today.

Everything went really well, I was not made to feel like my body is a liability, and I was reassured that I'd be treated as an individual case rather than "a diabetic patient."  Most importantly, they will not induce me early unless they see evidence in the baby or pregnancy that induction is needed.

Rock. On.

From reading books and websites, and from talking to diabetic women who have gone through pregnancy, I heard so many stories about interventions that probably weren't necessary, or simply pregnancies/deliveries that were super medicalized (not my cup of tea).  Even from the people who were upbeat and encouraging, I there was still some message of, "Here's what's in store for you, like it or not."  After a while, I stopped reminding myself that it's all good information to have, but that every woman and every diabetic is unique, as is every medical professional.  I honestly started thinking, "Why did we bother?  If my body isn't trusted to do what it was designed to do, maybe we should have just adopted."  But, since the medical professionals I'm working with are willing to treat me instead of my label, I feel pretty confident that I'll be allowed to have as normal/natural an experience as my individual case allows.

That's all I ask.  Thank goodness we have interventions available to us when they're needed, but let my body do what it can do on its own.

Oh, and I got to see the baby!  I had been told we'd just hear the heart beat on this visit, but they did an ultrasound.  (S)he was like a little peanut with a tiny flutter for a heart!  Wow!


  1. Yay Elizabeth! That is fantastic that they are willing to not induce. I know that's important to you. And yay for seeing your sweet little peanut!

  2. Thanks, Adrianne! It was exciting, and unexpected, to get to see the peanut baby! :)

    Induction's definitely not what I'd prefer (because I believe the matural a labor can be, the healthier), but it's mainly just that I wanted assurance that my doctor would consider ME and my BABY more than the label of "diabetic." If eveything's looking perfect, she said there's no problem with letting me go to 40 weeks. But if there are signs of problems or the baby is looking especially large before that point, then it's time to talk about induction. That's exactly the balance I want. If there's actual an actual reason to induce, beyond some kind of "standard practice" that's based mostly on studies of GESTATIONAL diabetics (which the nurse practitioner commented don't tend to take as good care of themselves as pre-existing type 1s), then do what's best for baby and induce away! :)

  3. I'm so excited reading some of your posts. Like my other comment said, my husband and I have babies on the brain. I've been so nervous about the fact that I was just diagnosed in October and then trying to attempt pregnancy. But my numbers are where they should be, and your updates give me some hope. :)

  4. Kelly: It's scary at first, I know. But it is ultimately about keeping really good control on your blood sugar, so you're ahead of the game!