Thursday, January 27, 2011

Better Than Therapy

Going to the endocrinologist is good for me. I don’t just mean it helps me stay healthy, I also mean that it helps me stay sane.

I’d gotten reasonably zen about diabetes management, especially since I was doing really well. Then I got pregnant, and zen immediately slipped from my grasp. My control on my blood sugar suffered, not due to any lack of effort or education, and my stress went through the roof in response.

In a zen state, I’d have said, “OK, my blood sugar is going higher than it should. All I can do is what I can do. Crying and feeling guilty just wastes energy.” But I was not in a zen state. You see, not only was I hormonal and dealing with life changes, but I was also reading blogs, forums, websites, and books on pregnancy with diabetes.  Everywhere I turned I read about all the horrible things that can happen if your blood sugar is high, and a high blood sugar seemed to pretty much be anything out of that super tight range for pregnancy.  I seemed to absorb other women's obsession or anxiety over this, as if I didn't have enough of my own. Though my endo’s office had called me back right away with my new blood glucose goals (under 100 before eating, under 120 two hours after), it was the internet that made me scared of higher numbers. Not even counting the occasional and mysterious 200+ number that happened even when I did everything by the book, I felt like a horrible mother who was actively mutating my own baby whenever I decided to indulge in a treat (say, a small ice cream?) and came in somewhere closer to 150 two hours later.

*cue internal freak-out and self-guilt-trip*

But visits to my endocrinologist have put things in perspective every time, so far. Never once has she criticized me, never once has she told me that a number is dangerous, never once did she suggest I need to try harder. No. She even told me the first time I came in with numbers that upset me, “I’m not worried.” She doesn’t worry, she deals. “Numbers like these will happen, but we need to figure out how to keep them from happening too often.” Then we’d discuss a game plan.

Yesterday’s visit with her was fabulous. I handed her a sheet with numbers that were much improved, but definitely not even close to perfect. We were both on the exact same page about how to fix them, and she made some adjustments to my morning basal and evening I:C. She said that I was really doing well overall, and I walked out feeling not like I had failed with those less-than-perfect numbers, but that I had done a great job of improving them and was leaving with a plan to make them even better, maybe even get them in line once and for all… Well, once and until my insulin needs change again! Damn hormones!

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