Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Logistics of Pumping with a Growing Belly

I realized recently that I won't have as much fatty space on my tummy once my tummy starts to get big, so I'm going to have to start using other areas for insulin infusion sites just so I can "rotate" my sites sufficiently.  Dexcom sites are only supposed to be on the abdomen, technically, so I figure I may eventually have to put all of my infusion sites on other areas if I want to keep my Dexcom in "regulation" areas.  (Plenty of people put Dexcom in other areas, but I seem to do OK rotating it on my abdomen so I haven't tried anything else just yet.)

So when I changed my site yesterday, I decided on the upper area of my butt cheek.  I've done this before with success, but it's still a little tough.  I use the Inset 30 infusion set, which works really well for me but takes two hands when removing the applicator.

First I started with the left side, and I decided, no, this is way awkward.  So I went with the right side and that was fine, but I still really had to reach in order to make my left hand available to remove the applicator.

"Crap," I thought.  "When my belly is huge, there's no way I'll be able to put this back there by myself.  Putting it on the back of my arm means no second hand, too.  That pretty much leaves the sides of my belly and the thighs, and my thighs are actually pretty muscular."

So, what?  Have Chad help almost every time?  I told him I'd probably be needing one of his hands and he agreed with a laugh.  But I really like being able to change any time I want, lickity split.  So I think my next order for supplies will be for the regular, straight insets.

I've heard they tend to kink more often than the 30s, but they're supposed to be easy and totally one-handed.

I was tempted to try the stainless steel Contact Detach set, which the local Animas trainer said is just a teeny little metal needle you push in instead of a cannula with a fancy applicator, but I have nickel allergies and have reacted to some "stainless steels."  (Stainless steel isn't guaranteed to be nickel free, just to contain so little of it and to contain it well so you're not supposed to react.)  So, inset it is.

And the long tubing this time.  I figure the longer tubing will allow me to cross the tubing over my big belly if I have to in order to hide it someplace tricky, like in my bra!

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