Sunday, September 12, 2010

You've Got to Move It, Move It!

Over all, I'm not a big exerciser. I did, however, manage to get into a good exercising habit for a while before I was diagnosed... which stopped when I caught a cold that turned into a cough (which was typical for me, but I hope it won't be now that I'm healthier), and the rest I took for healing time broke my good habit. Then I found out I was diabetic, and was told not to exercise, then to only do light exercise on a regular basis instead of the twice-a-week-average that had been my good habit... and I was both out of the habit and scared of lows.

But now that I know I generally feel a low pretty quickly and have my trusty Dexcom, I don't think I have any more excuses when it comes to going low. And that every-other-day-light-exercise-only rule is probably the ideal plan, but you know, I'm not the ideal person.... Despite my GP declaring I'm the ideal patient. Getting my butt moving, even if it's only one or two times a week and whatever exercise appeals to me at the time, may just be the best I can do at this point. In the grand scheme of things, despite the fact that sporadic exercise habits can make for sporadic insulin needs, some exercise is better than no exercise.

I hereby give myself permission to be a less-than-ideal exerciser. And if I get into the groove and become a more regular exerciser, hey, all the better! But I need to start where I need to start.

Bonus: I've discovered an awesome little park near where I work, which will be perfect for brown-bag lunch and a short hike. I'm so glad I found this place, because I learned long ago that staying at work during lunch, even if I'm not working, does not give me the proper mental break I need to stay sane... and a nice, quiet walk through a shady wooded area is very good for my sanity... while also helping me get a little extra exercise.

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