Sunday, September 19, 2010

Diabetic Super Hero at the State Fair

I went to the State Fair on Thursday evening. And about the State Fair, let me say:

OMG Funnel cake and fried cheese!!!!!

Neither of which I ate this time around. I opted, instead, for fried shrimp on a stick. Not significantly healthier than fried cheese, but I could judge the carbs much more easily. I may not have been able to even resist the fried cheese though, except I made sure not to go hungry.

Me: Let me eat something before we go, so I don't eat a bunch of junk.
Chad: Will it bother you if I eat a bunch of junk?
Me: Nope. In fact, I may have a bite of your junk... Oh my god! I did not just say that!!!
Chad: Oh my god! I am so tweeting that, right now!

So, after about 5 minutes of uncontrolable laughter, I ate a whole-wheat Lean Pocket and we left for the fair.... which involved sitting in a very long line of cars, and then standing in a very long line of ticket-buyers.

But I had one of my proudest diabetic moments in that long ticket line. A girl, probably around 18, was walking up and down talking to people. As she got closer to us, I heard her say, "Do you have any candy? Anything? My friend's blood sugar is getting low."

At which point, as she turned away from someone with a look of clear concern, I made a B-line straight for her.

Me: Your friend's blood sugar is low?
Her: *With her face brightening.* Yeah!
Me: I have glucose tabs.
Her: Oh, great! Hey, *whatever her name was*, hey! She has glucose tabs!

We walked over to a group of teenage girls and the group parted as one stepped forward with both of her hands held out in a gesture of questioning, and with an expression of embarrassment on her face.

Me: Is it your blood sugar that's low?
Her: *nodding*
Me: *Pulling out my tube of glucose tabs.* Here, I have glucose.
Her: Oh my gosh, could I have one, please??? I mean, two... I mean, can I have...
Me: Of course, here.

I plunked a few tabs into her hand, received thanks from her and her friends, and I smiled as I walked back to Chad... who welcomed me back with a fist-bump.

I don't know if she was actually diabetic or just having a serious sugar crash, but I felt so awesome for being able to help. Like a diabetic superhero!

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  1. That's so great that you were there and could help her! :) I'm sure your kindness made her day.