Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cake Will Make You Go... Low?

Today was my last day at work (I start a new job Tuesday!), and some coworkers were sweet enough to bring me a yummy red velvet cake. I admit I gave in to the "obligation" to eat a piece right then and there, but whatever, I can just bolus for it, right? No biggie.

Except I apparently suck at judging the carbs in cake. Like, really really suck. A lot.

I should have known sooner that my blood glucose was dropping, as I felt an odd anxiety creep in. But I knew by the time I was actually low (caught it at 68), and I downed a juice box... then ate my lower-carb lunch with no insulin... then drank a carrot-apple juice box... Then later, a couple random bites of cake again... then more cake yet again, with almonds for some staying-power. All without insulin. I'd get up to a reasonable number, then go right back down!

And it's not like I gave myself some amazingly huge bolus for that cake. I most certainly ate more than enough carbs afterword to account for that insulin. But they say that once you go low, you're more likely to go low again over the next few hours. Weird. Why can't it be simple? Take this much insulin, consume this many carbs, and all is fine. But no, it can't be that simple. And my last day rather sucked because of it.

Maybe this cake was made of anti-carbs. Like anti-matter. Only... not as deadly and destructive.


  1. I'm sorry your last day sucked. :(

    Could they have made the cake with Splenda or Equal, keeping your diabetes in mind but then not actually telling you so you could properly account for it?

  2. These coworkers actually didn't know I'm diabetic, but it was a store cake anyway. No sugar free label or anything.

    That's a concern, though. I dig sugar free sweets since it knocks off a few carbs, but it only does me any good if I KNOW it's sugar free!