Friday, May 14, 2010

Tough Day

I got really frustrated today because of all of the "correction" doses of insulin I've been having to do between meals, and because I thought my meal schedule was too inflexible due to them...  Then everything in the world was suddenly so overwhelming, and I just let myself cry.  But after faxing my blood sugar records into my Educator and Dietitian (and after expressing my frustration), they changed my carb-to-insulin ratio and set me straight about my meal/insulin schedule.  I can eat any dang time I want and take the right amount of insulin to cover it.  It's only the insulin I take based on my existing blood sugar that I can't take too close together.

*big sigh*  I feel so much better now, but everything caught up to me for a little while, there.

Seriously, if you are a newly diagnosed diabetic, go to a diabetes educator.  And try to find one who'll do more than just teach you in a class then tell you numbers without explanation.  Yvonne, my educator, has been so totally awesome.  She clearly cares, explains the "why" for everything, and gave me her cell phone and email so I can always get in touch with her.

On another front, my mom has been talking to the Diabetes Educator at the hospital where she works.  She went ahead and asked about insulin pumps (a topic my Educator has briefly mentioned as a future likelihood), and she thinks I'll be able to get one in a reasonably short amount of time.  They just have to get me started and make sure I know what I'm doing first.  The pens/needles honestly aren't so bad, but I'm already looking forward to the reduced hassle of a pump!

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