Saturday, May 8, 2010

12 hours into treatment...

I've given myself 4 injections so far: 3 in the belly, 1 in the thigh.  It's not bad at all.  The only time it hurt a tiny bit was the second time, when I put the needle in too slow.  But the pens make it so easy.  At some point soon, I'll post pictures.

The rapid-acting insulin I take before I eat is currently measured on a "sliding scale."  A blood sugar of 150 is supposed to be sort of a baseline number, and I inject 1 unit for every 50 over that (or half that amount for my evening snack).  The educator told me I'd be doing it differently after the class; I'll be factoring in both my blood sugar levels and the amount of carbs I'm about to eat.  For now, I'm just counting carbs to keep from going overboard.

I'm now wishing that I'd been testing my blood sugar before this so I'd be able to see the difference.  It's a little frustrating at the moment because it's still high, and it will be for a while.  I feel like the amount of insulin I'm taking just isn't enough (and it is intentionally on the conservative side until I learn more about it), but I can't drop my glucose too fast.  My levels have been so high that close-to-normal levels might feel like hypoglycemia to me right now.  I plan on doing my damnedest to keep my blood sugar at whatever goal my doctors set for me, but I guess I have to work my way down there first.

On a related note, the educator put all exercise off limits until they give me the green light.  Apparently, it's dangerous to exert yourself if your blood sugar is over 240.  And these past few months, I've been trying so hard to exercise...  And I might have been hurting myself instead of helping.  What a frustrating thought....


  1. Wow. I didn't realize how much calculation was involved with injections + eating with diabetes. Can you imagine being a kid and having to go through this? Geez.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better ... and have a legitimate excuse not to exercise. ;)

  2. Just now saw this comment! I'll have to check my settings and make sure I get notifications from now on.

    This must be SO tough on kids. If I were a parent with a diabetic child, I'd get them a pump ASAP! It simplifies the calculation a little, because you program your ratios ahead of time and then just enter the number of carbs you eat.