Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yet another appointment... but a good one.

I had a appointment with my endo yesterday, and all was well.  Since getting pregnant, I always feel like my blood sugars are doing horribly, but when we look at them, I usually realize they're not nearly as bad as I think.  She confirmed this and said I'm doing great.  I'm out of range every now and then, but they aren't terrible numbers and I always bring them right down.

I asked that they go ahead and do an A1c every other visit since my OB simply isn't interested in learning to use Fructosamine results.  My endo simply said that's fine, but the nurse seemed a little baffled that my OB is so insistent on having an A1c every month when she knows I have an endo who's in charge of the diabetes side of my care.  She seemed practically flabbergasted when I told her that my OB had commented that she might want to make changes to my pump settings at some point.  I shared in her annoyance (because it felt good!), but I really just chalk this up to the fact that OBs normally working with mothers who get gestational diabetes.  In those cases, I'm sure it's almost always the OB who's in charge of that care.  She's just used to it.

My endo said toward the end of the appointment that she thinks I'm doing great, especially "for a true insulin dependant diabetic."  I smiled and said, "Well, I suspect I still get a little help from my pancreas."  She said, "You know, I think you're probably right, and that's really great that you still have some back-up for pregnancy."  I then mentioned to her that I sometimes suspect I'm actually a late-stage 1.5 or LADA, because I'm pretty sure I had symptoms for a couple years before diagnosis.  She said with both type 1 and type 2 in my family history, she wouldn't be surprised at all.  We then chatted a minute about how easy it is to misdiagnose a diabetes, especially by assuming someone must have type 2 if they're adult of obese.  I really am very lucky that the GP I went to not only tested my blood sugar in the first place, but also bothered to run tests to figure out what kind of diabetes I had once it looked inevitable.

I have a visit with my OB this afternoon, and I'm hoping it goes just as well.  I forgot to pay attention to my weight at the endo's office yesterday, so I'm curious to see if I've gained anything this time.  I hope I've gained at one or two pounds so she doesn't have me coming in for weekly weigh-ins again... That was way annoying.

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