Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

I've been posting this video on Facebook and message boards, and discussing it with the one friend who was interested enough to watch the whole thing, so I thought, duh, I should post it on here, too.

It's about how sugar is metabolized and why fructose in particular is so bad for you.  It's not really about diabetes (though he touches on type 2 diabetes), but about how anyone's body (with insulin, natural or not) would work with sugar.  It's long and there is a point at which is gets pretty sciency (but not so sciency that I, as a layperson, couldn't get the gist of what he was saying), but I think it's fascinating.

Since the actual sugary "sweets" I eat are limited (though not eliminated) by how I choose to treat my diabetes, and since regular soda is almost non-existent in my little personal bubble, the primary thought I had was: Should I reconsider how I treat lows?  If juice is available, that's what I normally use.  My theory is that it helps replace some of the fruit nutrients that have been reduced now that I don't drink juice just to drink juice...  But it's a ton of fructose with zero fiber.  Could changing my low treatment perhaps reduce my triglycerides?  My cholesterol is in the "safe" range for a non-diabetic, but maybe that could be part of a plan to get it down to "safe for a diabetic" levels without having to take statins later.

Honestly, really interesting stuff.  It's much more revealing than the news reports that just tell you that sugar becomes belly fat and that makes you insulin resistant.

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