Monday, March 14, 2011

First Major Ultrasound

We had the first ultrasound today, other than the quick peek they took at my first prenatal visit when the baby was about the size of a peanut. It was totally fun to watch, but let's get the big part out of the way first:

The doc said, "Everything looks great."  *sigh of relief*

The size is right, resulting in an estimated due date at August 15th.  That's a mere 3 days earlier than the due date my OB gave me based on the date of my last period.  He did a great job of explaining what he was looking for regarding abnormalities, and confirmed that everything he saw pointed toward normal development.  He wants to see me again in six weeks so he can get a better look at the heart after a little more development, but said it currently looks great, too.

On to the fun stuff:  It's a boy!!!  I had actually suspected as much, because I noticed some of my body hair getting a little more noticeable and remembered my mom commenting that she'd noticed darker hair on her face when she was pregnant with my brother.  I guess it's all the testosterone it takes to turn a boy into a boy.  It'll have some effect on the mom, too.  Chad and I really didn't have much preference for gender (I've always said I'd love to have one of each), so the cool thing about knowing it's a boy is that we can really start working on names and pick out some boyish stuff for the registry.

He was a mover, too!  He kept kicking those little feet and thrashing those little arms, especially when the tech tried to get him to open up a hand.  This matched right up with his over-activity at the last OB's visit, while the nurse tried to get a count on his heartbeat.  He was just pushing himself all over the place!

We did have a little diabetes gem with the doctor.

Doc: So, tell me about your diabetes?  How long have you had it?
Me: I was diagnosed in May, so less than a year.
Doc: Uhuh.  And they thought it was type 1?  (Sounding skeptical.)
Me: Yeah, I was making hardly any insulin at the time of diagnosis.
Doc: That's interesting, because you're not the typical age to get type 1.  (Sounding even more skeptical.)
Me: Well, I'm not the typical age to get type 2 either, which is probably why my doctor decided to test for the type.
Doc: And who do you have as your endocrinologist?
Me: Dr. K.
Doc: Good.  (He finally sounded satisfied here, so I guess he trusts her judgement.)

After the doctor left the room, Chad gave me a patronizing look and said, "Are you surrrrre you're type 1?"  I could only shake my head and say, "Yeah, like they pass out type 1 diagnoses willy nilly to 30 year-olds."

This stuff is part of why I advocate; my pet cause is telling adults to never take it for granted that it's type 2 based entirely on age.  It's actually not uncommon for adults to get type 1 (just not as common), but even a lot of medical professionals are really quick to assume type 2.

Oh, and those 4D pictures?  Cool, but also kinda creepy.
(They seem to be extra creepy at this stage, because a baby doesn't have much fat at 17 weeks and so looks a little skeletal.)


  1. yay for good news, and wow! we're only a few days apart!

  2. Yay!! So glad everything looks good. I think I see a resemblance to both of you already! LOL :) Can't wait to meet the little guy!

  3. Congratuations on your little man!! What a wonderful blessing. :) btw I always hear "You're too skinny and healthy to be a Type 1". WTH does that even mean??

  4. congrats. what a beautiful lil peanut :)

  5. Karen: Oh, I'm going to have to start following your progress, too!!!
    Liz: That's hilarious. :)
    Adrianne: THANKS!!! And I suspect people think the opposite about me. "Type 1? But you're not skinny."
    Jules: Thanks!