Thursday, July 29, 2010


Look what I have...

That's right, I have an insulin pump!!!

It's an Animas Ping... A pink Animas Ping! I used to hate pink, but I now really appreciate it when it's an unexpected color... like in the case of a medical device.

I'm not using it until Wednesday, when I'll meet with my CDE and get the official "training." I've been playing with the functions, with a cartridge and tube full of water. Tonight, per my CDE's recommendation, I'll tape the tubing to my stomach (pump attached) so I can figure out how I'll want to sleep with it.

Aside from how awesome it is that I'll soon have more precise blood sugar control and will just have to push buttons instead of giving injections in public (not that it's embarrassing, just a hassle), I'm totally drawn in by the fun that comes along with a pump! It's a medical device, yes, but it's a gadget. It's advanced, cute, and it makes fun noises! Oh, oh... AND IT DOES MATH FOR ME!!! Sold!!!

I keep reading about T1 girls struggling to "hide" their pumps, and I'm sure I'll get tired of the questions and start tucking it away into my bra, but I currently have no anxiety over the prospect of it being visible on my everyday outfits. It's cute, and I imagine a lot of people will assume it's an MP3 player of some sort. For those who ask, my current plan is just to tell them and to answer any other questions.

I should also comment that my insurance has all worked out remarkably well! Blue Cross Blue Shield approved this earlier than their policy normally allows, and Caremark agreed to cover vials of Novolog for me right away even though I very recently refilled my prescription for the Novolog pens (technically, this was like trying to "refill" my Novolog prescription too early). I still think the system needs reform, but I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised by how relatively few roadblocks I've hit.

And, in general, I have to say things are pretty good right now!

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