Friday, July 30, 2010

Dexcom on Its Way!

So not only am I getting an insulin pump, but I found out today that I've been approved for the Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM)!

I was skeptical my insurance would approve it, because it's still so common for people to get turned down, but I'm betting the pregnancy planning is what won them over... though Mom pointed out that my situation is an unusual one, even if it's not uncommon, so they may have been prone to approving it for someone with a brand new case of Type 1 at the age of 30. She also thinks insurance companies are catching on to the fact that good treatment now is usually less expensive than complications down the road.

Caremark and BCBC of Oklahoma, your recent moves to benefit my health and treatment plan are starting to shake my whole insurance-companies-are-evil stance!

While the pump is very exciting, I'm even more excited about some of the benefits of the Dexcom. First of all, it'll warn me about lows and highs, sometimes even before I think to test for them. And I find that, while I feel most lows before they get bad, I haven't really tuned into the symptoms of highs yet. I don't pee like crazy, my thirst isn't unusual enough to tip me off, and I don't feel that "off," which I attribute to having recently spent so much time with even higher BGs as an undiagnosed diabetic. Highs just feel like more of the same to me. But now, Dexcom will buzz me when things are climbing too fast.

And, in tandem with the temporary basal options the pump gives me, I think this technology will let me exercise and be otherwise physically active without worrying as much about lows anymore. If I take a sudden nose dive, Dexcom will most likely tell me.


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