Friday, July 8, 2011

Things are mostly typical.

Most of my pregnancy complaints these days fall under "typical," rather than diabetes-related.
  • People making random comments about how big I am? Check.
  • Swollen ankles? Check.
  • Too tired to take the stairs if there's an elevator available? Check.
  • Carpel tunnel symptoms when I wake up in the morning? Check.
  • Peeing all the damn time? Check. (Though, this was also a common complaint of mine when I was an untreated diabetic!)
  • Hard to get comfortable in bed?  Check.
  • The kid keeps kicking me in the diaphragm? Check.
 (But, did you notice the significance of that last one?  He's kicking my diaphragm, not punching it.  He turned!  He's no longer breech.  Yay!)

That is definitely not to say that I don't struggle with my blood sugar.  My insulin to carb ratio for breakfast and lunch have almost doubled, and my Friday night blood sugar seems to be just about uncontrollable.

I've started doing non-stress tests twice a week, which means I go to the hospital and lie there with all of this stuff wrapped around my belly:

These sensors monitor the baby's heart rate (and apparently my uterus).  Every time the baby moves, I push a button that tells the nurse on duty to watch my baby's heart beat.  They're looking for the right level of increase in his heart rate.  If this ever shows that he's not reacting normally, it could indicate that he's no longer getting what he needs from my placenta.

This can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, and the first time I was there for almost two hours because I was having contractions more frequently than my OB wanted.  The nurse gave me a shot to stop them and I had to wait around for 45 minutes to make sure it worked.  (These were just braxton hicks contractions, and I couldn't even feel them, so it wasn't a huge deal.)

With these tests twice a week, a weekly visit to the OB, and a twice-weekly visit to the endo, I have a minimum of three appointments a week, often four.  I'm doing my best to schedule them so I don't have to take so much leave, but I'm definitely not going to have as much paid leave as I hoped for my maternity leave!

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