Friday, June 24, 2011

Kind of a Big Difference...

I've mentioned before that my husband Chad decided to start watching his blood sugar after we established that he was having low blood sugar episodes, and that his fasting numbers weren't quite where he'd like them to be.  Mostly, he checks when he wakes up and whenever he feels weird.  But for the first couple of days, he did the whole shebang.  He tested before meals and two hours after meals, as I was taught to do.

So after one of those meals, he tested on his handy but very simple Relion meter, and....

Holy crap!!!  We had a moment of panic before I said, "Wait... turn it over."

Yep, confirmed... it had been upside down.

There's a pretty big difference between 201 and 102!!!


  1. That is truly funny. It should not be that easy to make such a (likely) common mistake. Imagine if he were taking insulin, he'd make himself almost instantly LOW LOW LOW based on that difference.

  2. No kidding, Anon! It wasn't hard for us to figure out by seeing the letters next to the number were upside down, but what if someone had bad vision? Or what if this was a new meter and someone jsut paniched and bolused?