Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sickity Sick-Sick

Friday night, I started wearing out well before our D&D game was over. Half snoozing on the couch, those still conscious took pity on me and another couch-snoozer and shut the game down. After everyone went home, I went to bed.  I eyed my Dexcom, unhappy to see a 175, and tested... Yep, high.  I bolused, but not too aggressively since I was about to sleep, and settled down for sleep.

Sort of.

My stomach started to rumble and my blood sugar would not go down. If Dexcom wasn't beeping at me, I was waking up to try and find a better position for my stomach or to drink water, pee, and try to get a handle on my blood sugar.  I finally got up around 7 am with a headache, bolused again, checked for ketones (negative) just because I had so much time trying to get my numbers down that I had to wonder, and really started trying to hydrate myself.  I then went out on the back patio with a big glass of water and a small cup of coffee.  It was a tiny bit warm, but not bad... then suddenly I had the "sweats" that I normally associate with a low blood sugar (but I certainly wasn't low) and had to run for the bathroom.  (Sorry for the TMI!)

Ohhhhh, I was sick!  That explains so damn much.

(As a quick detour for anyone going, "OMG, listeria!!!"  No, the symptoms were not a match and there hadn't been any time for an "incubation period" since I'd only just had deli meat that day at lunch and listeria takes at least 2 days to manifest symptoms. Plus, Chad got the same symptoms later in the day and hadn't eaten the deli meat I had eaten.)

I know that my blood sugar tends to run high when I have any kind of stomach upset, so I cranked up my basal insulin by 50% and sat inside in the nice air conditioning and felt sorry for myself until my blood sugar was under control again.  My stomach discomfort went away quite quickly, thank goodness, so I made a healthy but easy breakfast for us when Chad got up.  I kept feeling exhausted and headachy, I attempted and failed to nap, then I finally gave in and took some Tylenol.  Unfortunately, this meant turning off Dexcom for the rest of the day.  CGMs just don't work with Tylenol in your system, and Tylenol is all a pregnant woman can take for everyday pain.

Night-night, Dexcom:

I dislike not being able to see what my blood sugar is doing at a glance, especially since pregnancy has made things so unpredictable....  It. Was. Worth it.

I ended up feeling well enough to go to a birthday party for three good friends of mine.  I did, however, tell Chad to just go ahead without me because I knew I was going to take a looooong time getting ready with so little energy.  I felt pretty decent most of the evening, though I was tired and spacey and never got rid of my headache 100%.  Chad and I ended up leaving at the same time despite our plans that I'd head home early and he'd probably stick around.  Right around the time my headache was coming back, he said his stomach had been rumbling and he got the sweats.  Either he caught the same bug from me or we'd both picked something up from the same source and his immune system had simply held out a little longer than mine.

I went to bed with a headache again, because I just wasn't willing to take Tylenol and keep Dexcom turned off overnight.  My blood sugar had crept back up during the evening and I had to bolus not long before bed. 
I really just wasn't confident that my BG would react predictably.  Luckily, this one wasn't a constant headache but one that only throbbed with added pressure or a lot of movement.  It only nagged me whenever I rolled over, so I could actually sleep.

I'm feeling a hell of a lot better this morning.  My head still hurts with pressure (like when I sneeze, OUCH!) and my BG was a tiny bit above my below-100 fasting target when I woke up, but I'm just taking it easy and staying hydrated.

I was kicking myself repeatedly over those high BG numbers that first night, but this is yet another example of how you can do everything right and diabetes will still screw with you.  It's a manageable disease, but that doesn't mean pure dedication is going to keep it in check every single day.  Sometimes things just happen.


  1. argh sorry you were sick. lol @ listeria. my first pregnancy i avoided cold cuts and sushi. i was also paranoid about toxoplasmia or whatever that thing is you can get from gardening without gloves where theres cats... arrrgh. pregnancy just makes you worry about everything.

  2. Jules: There's so much to be paranoid about in pregnancy! You just have to make decide on measured risks. I totally avoid everything to do with our cats' litter boxes, for example, but I've handled potting soil without worrying about gloves.