Saturday, April 16, 2011


Chad decided he wanted a testing kit so he can watch is blood sugar for a few days, since he's had a couple moments of what felt like crazy-low blood sugars (we tested during one of those moments once and it was something like 46!).  He also had a fasting blood sugar on the upper side of average when our GP tested it 8 or 9 months ago, and I think it's smart for anyone with any risk of diabetes to test their BG once in a while.  So I picked up a Relion Micro and box of 50 strips.  This was cheaper than if I'd just gotten him a vial of strips for the Freestyle I have but no longer use, or if I'd picked up strips to let him use my spare One Touch Ultramini (if I could find the damn thing!).

(I'm normally not one to promote Walmart, but their Relion meters and strips would be an great option for someone with diabetes and no prescription plan.  This is actually the second Relion meter I've ever purchased.  The first one served as a back up when my very first vial of strips ever ran out well before I could get the refill covered by insurance.  Later, I mailed it to someone I'd talked to online who didn't have insurance and was having trouble affording strips for the meter she already had.  When Chad said he thought he might want to keep a meter with him to test for lows, I didn't blink an eye at picking up another Relion.  Even if he never touches it again after a few tests, it's such an affordable backup to have around.)

When I got home, we got the meter set up.  He did the settings and learned the buttons while I set up the lancer and little meter case then nommed a PB&J sandwich.  ;)  Finally, he was ready to do a practice test.

He's seen me do it hundreds of times, and he's tested out of curiosity at least a couple times before.  The only direction I gave him was to wipe off his finger with an alcohol pad because he hadn't washed his hands since eating a granola bar an hour before.  Of course, his response was perfect:

"I was just going to lick my finger.  Isn't that what all the pros do?"

Touche, Chad.  Touche.

So he did his test and we watched the meter count down.

Me: 114? And you ate that bar an hour ago?  Yeah, that's a good number."

Chad: Funny, I totally knew exactly how to test, from watching you.
Me: Yeah, on the forums, we'd call you a Type 3 Diabetic.  Diagnosed as the spouse of a diabetic.
Chad: Haha!  That's good.
Chad pulls the used strip from the meter and holds it up.
Chad: So, now I throw this on the floor or leave it someone else's car, right?
Me: *Grinning.*  You've learned well.

Touche again, Chad.  Touche again.

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