Saturday, November 6, 2010

Awkward Moments with the 'Betes

Low blood sugar while shopping plus discovering you forgot to refill your glucose tabs means getting stared at by little old ladies while you rip into a package of juice boxes without even trying to get through the line and pay first (with the full intent to pay after, of course).

Lady, STFU.


Me: *tests blood sugar*
Coworker: That's not... for... diabetes?
Me: Yeah, it is.  I have type 1.
Coworker: Oh...
*insert awkward pause here*
Coworker: Well, thank goodness it's at least not type 2.
Me: *blink*
Coworker: Isn't that the bad one?


Various people at various times with various sugary treats: "Here, would you like a... oh wait, you can't eat these, can you?"


For no reason other than seeing me and knowing I'm diabetic: "How's your blood sugar?  Are you OK?  I have food if you need it.  Do you need to test?"


Former coworker seeing going-away cake on my desk: "Now, you know you can't be eating these things anymore."

Yes, diabetes sure has its fun moments.  And while we're at it, why don't you check out this video on the Big Blue Test, in honor of World Diabetes Day, coming up on November 14th?  Every time it is viewed, money goes to help give insulin to children who need it.

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