Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Less than six months after diagnosis, I had another appointment with my endocrinologist yesterday…  And it was full of awesome!

It addressed a lot of things that have been frustrating me since my diagnosis.  The most obvious issue is wanting to be healthy and have my blood glucose under good control, and I found out that my A1c has come down to 6.1!!!  That’s down from 13.4 when I was diagnosed!!!

*happy A1c dance*

Another huge issue for me is being in control of my own health... and I don’t necessarily mean “in control of my health despite diabetes.”  I mean something more along the lines of, “In control despite the fact that my life now contains a menagerie of medical professionals telling me what to do.”  I am so glad those medical professionals are there, and I know I could not have gotten so under control so quickly as I did if I hadn’t followed their instructions to the letter, but I couldn’t help but feel that they were in control of my health... and sometimes, I was waiting and waiting for confirmation on a change that I already knew I needed.  So I thought, once and for all, that I was going to ask my endo for official sanction to make adjustments to my treatment myself.  I went armed with a bookmarked copy of Pumping Insulin and lots of explanation as to why I could safely and effectively make my own decisions.  When she asked if I was still working with my CDE, this gave me the opportunity to explain that I was still working with her, but I wanted some more freedom to make my own changes.

“Oh yes, absolutely!”

Oh.  OK.  That was easy!

She gave me some guidelines for making decisions, told me I can fax her numbers anytime I need help, and said she was completely comfortable with me making these decisions.

*happy victory dance*

And another biggie…  Something I was sure I wouldn’t hear her say considering the numbers I was showing her included two highs over 200 and one bad low of 43 this past week…  She told me that it’s safe enough for me to go ahead and start trying for a baby whenever my husband and I decide to!!!  (She understood that last week was a weird one for me, and said, "With type 1, it's never going to be perfect.")

*happy baby dance*

I feel like I’ve reached important goals and blown hurdles right out of my path.  Life is good, and I believe I have the ability to shape my future the way I see fit instead of around my disease.


  1. Happy dances of all sorts! That's one great appointment, yo. Be proud. You've earned a puppy, or small island of some kind.

  2. New here... Just wanted to say that is awesome news!

    Good luck with everything!

    I was also diagnosed with Type 1 a bit "later" in life (28).