Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pumping It Up!

OK, so here's the pump update!

I started on Wednesday. The frustrating thing is that the CDE, who I had never met before, kind of started from scratch on a lot. Like, though I knew I needed lower basal rate in the afternoons and evenings, she still set the same rate all day. Maybe that's standard for starting on a pump, but I kept wishing my usual CDE were there instead.

But, over two hours (which could have been more like one hour, if she weren't such a chatter!), she got me started and set up. I was nervous about inserting the needle/cannula for the infusion set, but discovered that it hurt less than some of my insulin shots do! It was a little awkward, but generally easier and less invasive than I thought it would be. My mom, who went with me and is a nurse, was concerned that the cannula was too shallow and started making suggestions about angling it differently next time... But the CDE assured her that it was in exactly right, and my later numbers showed that the insulin was indeed getting into my system properly. Pretty cool.

This really is kind of like starting from scratch, though. The CDE seems pretty happy with where my numbers have started (some people's blood sugar does crazy stuff when switching treatment methods!), but we're still having to adjust for evening and afternoon lows. A total pain. But it's interesting to watch my insulin needs go down so much on the pump! She commented that they start a new pumper on a slightly lower basal rate than they'd had because most people weren't getting every little last drop in their system when doing shots. And I believe that, because I usually saw a remaining drop (maybe two) come out of my pen needles even after the recommended count-to-ten.

Wearing it has been no problem. It's a little surreal to be hooked up to a medical device, but it's small and cute. So far, I've worn it:
  • Clipped under the middle of my bra (I'm glad I'm endowed, now!).
  • Under my waistband.
  • In my pocket.
  • Clipped inside the front of my nightgown (around the house and in bed).
  • Clipped to the side of my underwear (in bed).
(Under my waistband.)

Pretty simple. I dig it!

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