Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Other Side of 30

So today is my 31st birthday, and last night was a celebratory game night with close friends (which wound up feeling more like a party than I expected, which was cool!). I opted against the rather large parties we tend to have partly because I still occasionally feel frustrated when faced with some food and drink situations, but also partly just because I wanted a smaller get-together.

Food and drink awesomeness:

  1. I made low carb peanut butter balls, which took a little modifying (1 oz of chocolate was not enough!) and recalculating but turned out great and made 35 small balls at 1.3 carbs each (mmmm!).
  2. Two desserts arrived with me in mind! Jenn brought cupcakes (with sugar-free penutbutter cups in them, FTW!) and told me upfront how many carbs were in them, and Jess (quite a famous chef in our group!) brought a low carb plumb tart with an almond crust. Yum!
  3. I had three glasses of red wine and, while I let myself run slightly on the higher side for the evening, I wasn't afraid of dropping too low since I have a trial Dexcom unit this week (what great timing!).
  4. No one brought anything super hard to "count," and I didn't feel pressured to eat out of courtesy.


Other awesomeness:

  1. GAMES! We played Ultimate Werewolf and Quelf, both of which make for goofiness and fun!
  2. Friends! I felt really loved.
  3. Fun and thoughtful gifts! One of the things Jenn and Bonnie gave me was a set of Russian nesting dolls that double as measuring cups!!! As Bonnie is also type 1, they probably knew how handy it is for me to have plenty of measuring cups around (and these are so cute!!!). Liz and Matt also gave me some cool vintage fabric with the thought that I could use it for making purses or meter cases to carry all my stuff, and Melissa and Jade gave me a copy of Quelf!
  4. A really awesome husband! It was Chad that arranged all of this, and it turned out to be perfect. He's so sweet. :)
It was an awesome birthday celebration. I have to admit that, a couple months ago, I worried my birthday would be depressing. But surrounding myself with just my closest friends and not facing down a giant, sugary cake (and happening to have a Dexcom to help make drinking safer!) worked out beautifully. I felt normal, and yet not pressured to be normal.

Chad has commented a couple times that, after this diagnosis and some other less than pleasant issues this past year, we should be glad to say goodbye to 30. I think I agree with that, but I also think I've come out the other side of 30 in better shape than I went in. I suspect I went into it with this disease already in development, and now I've finished it with it under pretty good control and... overall happiness.

This was not the most pleasant year for me, but I think I'm better off for having gone through it.

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