Thursday, November 3, 2011

In The Meantime...

I'll talk more about the initial adjustments when I give you installation four of "Xander's Arrival Story," but let me tell you, delivering a baby is like hitting "reset" on your insulin needs.  I still need far less than before pregnancy, let alone compared to needs during pregnancy!  But it's all in flux.  My one month average blood sugar?  116.  My most recent one week average? 145.
Can you tell by looking at those numbers that I started back to work almost two weeks ago? Yeah, pretty clear what's thrown a wrench in the gears.  I've had a few 200+ numbers sneak in there during work hours.  I finally took 20 minutes this morning to look at time of day averages and adjust my overnight basal rate and up the insulin on my breakfast and lunch I:C ratios. With both a baby and work to keep up with Time to get this under control.

I only have one set of organs, after all.  It's kind of important to take care of them!

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